Get Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Services anytime

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services are detailed services that find the vulnerabilities associated with the device and perform penetration testing solutions accordingly.

The associated vulnerabilities found can be injected by various sources for accounting information to be vulnerable to data leaks and misuse of information.

We use advanced penetration tools penetration vulnerability testing. Many hackers are targeting systems with code flaws. As cyberattack cases are surging, there is a great need to make sure that data is not vulnerable to attacks. How does vulnerability control starts? Well, it all starts with the internal staff. Thus, there is an increasing need for building a human wall of security in an organization.

So, we have security awareness training for your employees. Security starts with the employees before it goes to securing the devices being used. Thus, at Bizoneer, we are proud to be partnering with the leading vulnerability and assessment penetration testing companies in providing security to your business.

Malware Analysis

Automated malware analysis service is developing in significance to enterprises. Various malware-related breaches happen each day. An immense measure of malware samples has dispersed around the world as a result.

Cybercriminals use techniques to spread malware. They keep it undetected. The techniques are ending up being more advanced. It is also harder to detect and investigate by online malware analysis services. Malware spreads through various attack vectors like email attachments. There are such huge numbers of malicious malware samples. Malware analysis service is becoming necessary for winning the cyberwar. Examine the distinctive cloud-based malware analysis service. It analyzes binary samples and determines if they are malicious or not.

As of now, there are such huge numbers of malware samples used each day. If every security specialist were to examine those samples, they couldn’t do it in real time. Thus, organizations need a superior malware analysis service to get essential information. Malware samples focus on different parts of organizations. A bunch of them uses new procedures. Most of the malware samples are a basic derivation of known malware samples. There you can find changed code to make it undetectable.

Analysis of malware, viruses and other types of harmful programs and scripts is quite complicated and requires a lot of knowledge. To properly understand how a program works, what it connects to, and what damage it can cause, it is useful to know programming and not only in one language but preferably several and good knowledge of construction and operation of a computer network.


In the civil and criminal justice system, computer forensics helps ensure the integrity of digital evidence presented in court cases. As computers and other data-collecting devices are used more frequently in every aspect of life, digital evidence — and the forensic process used to collect, preserve and investigate it — has become more important in solving crimes and other legal issues.

The average person never sees much of the information modern devices collect. For instance, the computers in cars continually collect information on when a driver brakes, shifts and changes speed without the driver being aware. However, this information can prove critical in solving a legal matter or a crime, and computer forensics often plays a role in identifying and preserving that information. Businesses often use a multilayered data management, data governance and network security strategy to keep proprietary information secure. Having data that’s well managed and safe can help streamline the forensic process should that data ever come under investigation.