• This website is an online shop selling apparel
  • International customers can contact admin via enquiry form
  • Admin will manage the latest promotions
  • Members can register, buy products, creates Wish List, post reviews and ratings for different products.
  • Redemption and Referral program will also be made available to the members


The Fashion Ecommerce website will have an interactive landing and links to each entity will be available. The website is in English only.

For ex: On the main landing page, quick registration form and the following will be present. From there, the user can select any one-sub domain (brand) they would like to visit to.

  • Company Logo
  • Login /signup
  • Social network login/registration
  • Shopping Cart
  • Advanced search
  • Shop by Category
  • Discount deals
  • Deals of the day
  • Contact us
  • Social media integration
  • All necessary links in the footer such as T & C, Careers, disclaimer, sitemap etc.


Each sub domain will follow the same design elements and themes of the home page.

  • The Customers can view Custom design layout with Buyers success stories, Tabs(home, Search, login, registration…Etc)
  • The super     administrator       will      be    able    to    assign     tasks    to    sub- administrator roles dividing the backend features among them

There are 2 types of users for this website – Buyer and Administrator

  • The buyers’ roles are all the same.
  • The super administrator will be able to assign tasks to sub-administrator roles N dividing the backend features among them like stock intake, invoicing and so on.


  • Henote Solutions will design maximum 4 sliders
  • Adding Text on each slide
  • Each slide will be specified from administrator
  • Administrator can rotate Text Ads
  • Administrator can set a different delay for each image or banner


  • The feature can be implemented in advertising
  • The interested provider can submit the ad banner design to the administrator and admin can upload it for them
  • Or the providers have the option to login to the system to maintain their page, and can request for ad posting and upload directly by selecting the position, size etc.
  • Service Provider needs to pay admin based on the ad size matrix
  • The banner will appear at the bottom, side or top of the screen with flicker effect (if needed)
  • Number of clicks will counted in the backend for each ad


Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products Configurable search with auto-suggested terms

Recently viewed products or Suggested Items will be shown to the users Customizable Product attributes

Unlimited product categories Filter by Product Tags

Sort options (A to Z, lowest price, highest price) Product listing in grid or list format

Product zoom in feature and listing of the same product in different angles Admin has to upload the pictures for the product in various angles and tag each product with some keywords

Suggested items will be based on common tags.


This module allows individual member registration.

Members are allowed to post reviews and ratings

Create Wish List

Make online purchase and payment

Add personal details, billing address and shipping address

Newsletter Subscription management


  • Order status and history Re-orders from account Recently ordered items Default Billing addresses Store credits
  • Referral program
  • Wish List with ability to add reviews (comments + stars) Newsletter Subscription management
  • Account Dashboard for overview of: recent orders, personal information, newsletter subscription status, primary billing address, shopping cart,
  • Wish list, recently ordered items, and recent tags

Users can categorize their Wish list into different groups with custom names.

Ex:- ABC , DEF etc and add products to different groups.

Thumbnail view of the products in the Wish list will be present on one side, and an option along with each thumbnail to add to cart or remove from Wish list will be there.


This module allows individual member registration.

Make online purchase and payment

Add personal details, billing address and shipping address


  • A wish list system, combined with the social networking platform with which users will be able to:
  • Add items they find on the site to their wishlists
  • Share those wish lists with their friends through the site, emails, Facebook, and various social networks.
  • Get notified when their friends add new items to their wish lists.
  • Get notified when someone buys them an item from their wishlist.
  • users browse the selection of products available through the site


  • We can also have advanced search, where you can search any or all fields contained for each Product as an example (such as Cost, product, Item, .etc).


We will have custom search within the website


Refund can be claimed by filling up the refund form.


One-Page Checkout

Checkout without account/Guest Checkout

Shopping Cart with tax estimates

Checkout with the option of redeeming points

Option to create account at beginning of checkout


  • Website in Single language, which is English
  • Support Single currency (with payment options, we should be able to accept dollars as well, need to see the possibilities. )
  • Administrator permission system roles and users
  • Tax rate management for admin to self-manage
  • Content management system for informational page


  • View, edit, create and fulfil orders from admin panel.
  • Create one or multiple invoices.
  • Email Notifications of Orders
  • The users can return the items or report fault by sending email to admin via refund policy.
  • Administrator can add, edit, delete or archive new student’s enrolment with courses after payment is done.


As discussed, customers will be given the option to pay via PAYPAL, GOOGLE CHECKOUT OR CASH ON DELIVERY. We will ensure that the version of PAYPAL, GOOGLE CHECKOUT OR CASH ON DELIVERY used will allow payments, even if the customer does not have a PAYPAL, GOOGLE CHECKOUT OR CASH ON DELIVERY account.

The order will then be confirmed by the designated website administrator. Customers need not even have a PAYPAL, GOOGLE CHECKOUT OR CASH ON DELIVERY account as in they can even make payment using credit cards in a PAYPAL, GOOGLE CHECKOUT OR CASH ON DELIVERY gateway.


  • The implementation of the module is FOC if there is standard price for every delivery, without taking into account the weight of the item. The delivery also has to be within India.
  • The implementation of this module is only chargeable if there is a calculation involved in the backend involving different parameters like total weight, total cost, no: of days required for the delivery and also different countries.


  • Option to add testimonials
  • Form options:      Name,     email     id,     write     testimonials       and    Captcha     (to    avoid spamming)
  • Users can add testimonials or use testimonials forms
  • After submitting the testimonials it doesn’t show up instantly in the website till the administrators approves from backend.
  • Can manage the testimonials: Add, edit,delete,publish and unpublished
  • The published testimonials can be shown in the testimonials fader or in alist.


  • Register user can create personal page
  • Auto resizing for images
  • Choose who can see the page: Public, registers users or more
  • Publish blog post to nested categories
  • Remote publishing from your email account
  • Protect blog post with password
  • Groups and permission to view, submit and publish
  • Auto archived old blog.


  • We would sign up with Google analytics with a Gmail account.
  • Where we can have real time reporting: Measure activity as it happens
  • Customs reports: Define the information you want to analyze
  • Administrator can track total number of visitors from different countries or selected countries and get reports in .csv format
  • Integration of Google Analytics will help us track the number of new & old members
  • Google analytics would help us track number clicks on each section
  • Administrator will get all the reports in customize format
  • Geo Location your visitors for accurate detection of country, region, city.
  • Search term analysis and competitive analysis report


For the users of the website to contact the admin for any concerns or queries through a contact form

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Type in your message/enquiry etc

*(Fields in the contact-us form shall be fixed later)


Super Admin assigns roles for admin

Following are options where each admin can add/edit/delete or update o

  • Users Management
  • Stats & Reports
  • Manage Reports

Administrator would receive Registration or enquiry post via email and will be stored in backend system

CMS Setup, Installation and Configuration

Auto Resize of Image into thumbnail functionality matching to mobile screen resolution – for admin while uploading pictures.

Free training session to master all the functionalities with CMS.

Administrator login to mark new entries/modifications and monitor the whole process.

Edit/add/remove content/videos/images on the website. CMS Setup, Installation and Configuration

Auto Resize of Image into thumbnail

Automatic Invoice generation- Email alert with invoice to the administrator and customer purchasing the package.

Aesthetic design that increases your brand image.


Admin can view the user activities such as

  • Items which each Customers are choosing. o Total traffic on a daily basis
  • Admin can export all the reports to excel, csv or pdf or share it with the members of the management.


The main part of the sales reporting section is the actual sales report, which shows the following:

  • Total Items placed
  • Monetary subtotal
  • Monetary tax total
  • Monetary total sales
  • Invoices


  • This report shows all of the search terms attached to your site, how often they are used, and the time each one was last used


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