Broadband Systems Corporation, Ltd (BSC Ltd) is a licensed Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is incorporated under the laws and regulations of the Republic of Rwanda. The company is engaged in the business of providing advanced information and Communication Technology (“ICT”) services based on Broadband connectivity.

Project Summary

BSC LTD looking for Comprehensive Cyber Security Solution. As a part of this strategy, BSC LTD want to implement Endpoint Security, Data Security, Web Security , Network Security & Threat Intelligence Exchange solution of McAfee. Bizoneer Consulting Rwanda Pvt Ltd looking forward to be partnered with BSC LTD to implement the Various Cyber Security Solutions as per requirements of BSC LTD

Product Overview

Security Connected—An Evolution

Security maturity can be presented in three stages – Reactive, Compliance, and Optimized.

 Reactive:  In this stage, an incident occurs and the organization reacts. Point solutions are purchased to meet specific needs. Overall risk remains high and reactive management of security can yield much higher IT cost over time.

Compliance:  In this stage, an organization is beginning to define security policies and processes in order to meet external compliance mandates. Layered cross-product integration is increasing, but all the security technologies and processes do not leverage one another; costs remain high given the sheer number of point tools in play.

Optimized:  This is where the various security technologies become connected—risk awareness, management and policy definitions are fully centralized and compliance is automated. Threat intelligence is updated in real-time and correlated, while information from one sensor technology can benefit another. Security Connected combines multi-layered defenses with threat intelligence and centralized management, leading to greater IT protection and significantly lowering the overall cost of security.

McAfee Complete Threat Protection

Will secure all of your devices, safeguarding systems and data with real-time visibility into security and risk.

One unified solution covers all the devices in an enterprise, reducing management complexity and cutting costs. Your endpoints are protected against rootkits, mobile malware, targeted web and email attacks, and persistent threats.

Protects against zero-day and advanced persistent threats (APTs)—Deploy fast, top-rated hardware-enhanced security to defend against rootkits and other stealthy attacks

Reduces application attack surface—Dynamic application control is enabled without labor- and time-sensitive whitelist management

Enables real-time view of security health—Administrators can remediate vulnerabilities and stop threats on the spot

Products Included Why You Need It
Application Control Reduced risk from unauthorized applications and malware
Device Control Prevention of unauthorized use of removable media on endpoints
ePO Manages security across endpoints, networks, and data and connect to third-party solutions
ENS Proactive security against known and new zero-day threats on desktops
Real Protect

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange optimizes threat detection and response by closing the gap from malware encounter to containment from days, weeks, and months down to milliseconds. This collaborative system operationalizes threat intelligence data in real time, delivering protection to all points in your enterprise as new threats emerge.

Leveraging the McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL), McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange combines multiple threat information sources, and instantly shares this data out to all your connected security solutions, including third-party solutions. It provides adaptive threat detection on unknown files, resulting in faster time to protection and lower costs.
Immediate visibility into the presence of advanced targeted attacks
Integrated intelligence from multiple sources combined with contextual data from the encounter enable better decision-making to handle never-before-seen and potentially malicious files.
Operationalize global and local threat intelligence in real time
Combine imported threat information from McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, third parties, and STIX files with locally collected intelligence from your security solutions and share across your entire network in real time.
Create a collaborative threat intelligence ecosystem
The McAfee DXL joins together disparate security solutions. Protection against an emerging attack is propagated instantly and shared to both McAfee and third-party security products.
Supercharge endpoint protection
Using the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise module, combine intelligence from local endpoints and broader, collective threat intelligence to make accurate file execution decisions and customize policies based on your risk tolerance level.
Lower security cost of ownership
Reduce costs by integrating your existing McAfee security detection, prevention, and analytic technology to protect your organization as soon as a threat is revealed.
McAfee Network Security Platform
Will reduce your time to resolve issues and protect your company better and faster.

Multiple advanced detection methods deliver real-time defenses against known, zero-day, botnet, Trojan, SYN flood, DoS, DDoS, and encrypted attacks. A purpose-built appliance incorporates the most detailed, up-to-date threat and vulnerability information to reduce your time to resolve issues and protect you better—and faster—than the competition.

Meets the needs of the most demanding environments—Reliable threat protection from 100 Mbps up to 80 Gbps; best default protection value according to NSS Labs

Expedites response with shared network and system visibility and continuous threat updates—Helps you diagnose and take action with on-demand visibility to critical host details, threats, and risk relevance

Insulates systems from risk while you validate and deploy patches—Protects unmanaged and unpatched systems and network devices (routers, switches, printers, VoIP)

Simplifies operation with fewer false positives and alarms—Reduces dramatically the IT resources required to manage intrusion prevention, as verified by an independent Forrester Research report