Amana Bank

Amana Bank is the first fully Sharia compliant bank in Tanzania. Its beginning can be traced back to October 2009 when a group of prominent Tanzanian business personalities met and set in motion the establishment of an Islamic bank. Today, Amana Bank is wholly owned by a diverse base of Tanzanian businessmen who are committed to the success thereof.

The Bank was granted a provisional license by Bank of Tanzania on 4 February 2011 and then incorporated on 25 February 2011 with an Authorized Share Capital of TZS100billion and Paid-Up Capital of TZS21.5billion.

Lobelia Tours and Travel

Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency is a Destination Management Company(DMC) legally registered by the Rwanda Development Board as Lobelia Tours & Travel Ltd to offer destination management services. Lobelia Tours & Travel Agency offers the real experience of fascinating adventure in the greater East Africa region namely Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, and Uganda. On the tours that we offer, we always make sure that our clients enjoy the splendor and grandeur that is a heritage, culture and pride of the nations of the greater East African region.

Safintra Rwanda LTD

Safintra Rwanda Limited, a proud member of SAFAL GROUP commenced its operations in October 2008 and has established itself in short span as a key player in Rwanda’s construction industry. Safintra Rwanda Limited is the leader in roofing segment with its well established brands like ROYAL VERSATILE, VERSATILE, MAXCOVER, COVERMAX and DUMUZAS.  Safintra Rwanda reaches its customers through a network of more than 60 stockists across Rwanda.